Real Estate Consultant

If you need the services of a professional Real Estate Consultant anywhere in Raigad, Maharashtra, we are the name to reckon with. We are a Maharashtra-based Real Estate consultant with the acumen and prowess to understand the fluctuating real estate market trends and provide the clients, most updated information about industry.

Our advices are always well-researched and help the clients in making wise property decisions. Our gamut of services includes buying selling, renting and leasing of properties and we specialize in providing services for a variety of residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural properties. Our experience, expertise and industry-specific knowledge separates us from the rest in the realty market.

Construction Services

Raigad Property is a master in providing Building Construction Services and we have several esteemed projects to lay credence to our claims of excellence. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced engineers that have been designing residential, commercial and industrial buildings for long now, and till date none of our clients have faced issues related to quality, delayed delivery, etc.

We have deep knowledge of the construction principles, the laws governing the construction of buildings, the economic factors affecting the process, and above all the skills to undertake small to big projects. Our services have set a benchmark in the industry for timely completion and the highest degree of customer satisfaction.

Architectural Services

Raigad Property is a Maharashtra-based real estate company and actively involved in offering services related to various aspects of property design. We offer Architectural Services and prepare architectural designs that ensure safe and environment friendly structures. In rendering our Architectural Services we make use of various methodologies and processes such as map lay out drawing and fabrication to present designs to the clients.

Some of the key highlights of our services are intelligent allocation of space, proper emphasis of ventilation and environmental concerns, and designing properties that meet international safety standards. Our services also comprise of civil engineering, building models and landscaping.

Property Legal Adviser

Based in Alibag, Maharashtra, Raigad Property is reckoned as one of the most reliable Property Legal Advisers to approach for obtaining legal advices and a gamut of other services. Our extensive range of services includes property documentation, property law services and property litigation.

We apprehend that property matters and cases can take all your precious time and leave you feeling harassed and frazzled. We stay in tune with various developments in the real estate market and keep ourselves abreast with new laws and offer reliable services to the clients. The clients who have associated with us in the past are very satisfied with our services and we wish to partner with you too.


We use geospatial data technology to provide the best geospatial map services and accurate civil engineering solutions for a variety of commercial geodatabase operations. Our expertise in 2-D, 3-D, web mapping, CAD, and other associated technologies helps provide clear and accurate geospatial images. In addition to geospatial data analysis services, we provide a wide range of geospatial data services that are widely used to develop profile-based geographic information systems, including.


  • GPS Surveying

  • Manual Surveying

  • Laser Scanning

  • EDM Surveying

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